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Hannigan Trikes
" For The Ride of Your Life"

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INDEPENDENT SUSPENSION WITH SWAY BAR -- Trikes with solid exles have four times as much unsprung weight as the Hannigan Trike, which has similar unsprung weight to the original Gold Wing. More unsprung weight results in a ride which is much harsher. (Critical Law of Physics — For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction). Another negative effect of the solid axle is the sideways motion transmitted to the motorcycle seat. When only one rear wheel of the trike very negative effect on your lower back (especially for the passenger). Our independent suspension has almost no lateral forces on the motorcycle seat creating a much healthier, more comfortable ride. Our 60 inch wide track and Honda CRX sports car stabilizer bar has made one of the safest and most stable trikes available. The Hannigan Trike with its wide track and CRX stabilizer will out corner most trikes. This superb combination will allow you to go quicker on corners than most of your two wheel companions. This no compromise trike has the best combination of plush ride and sporty handling.

PROGRESSIVE SUSPENSION I.A.S. GAS SHOCKS - These shocks are very user friendly. Inertia sensitive damping enables the wheel to react quickly to rough surfaces while still maintaining full damping control for taught, precise handling.

IN-LINE DRIVE SHAFT -- We use the original Gold Wing drive shaft in it's original position for smooth running and unbeatable reliability.

FORD THUNDERBIRD DIFFERENTIAL -- The differential has 2.73 gears and 14x175/70 tires on the GL1500 and 15x185/65 on the GL1800.

VENTED DISC BRAKES -- Vented disc brakes cool quicker than regular disc brakes and result in longer lasting brakes.

STORAGE TRUNK -- The specious trunk is approx. 5 cu. ft. on the GL1500 and 7cu.ft. on the GL1800, which easily fits two full-face helmets and more. The fully carpeted trunk opens with the use of the original saddlebag levers under the top box of the Honda retaining the single key locking feature as well as the use of the remote on the GL1800.

FUEL TANK -- It holds approx. 3 gallons and has it's own separate filler neck for convenience. The fuel is transferred from the heavy gauge aluminum tank to the main tank by the rider activated fuel pump.

LARGE TAIL LIGHTS -- Our automotive tail lights with four brake lights, running and signal lights ensure excellent visibility and safety. The GL1800 uses the high tech original equipment saddlebag lights.

STYLE -- Our aggressive looking hand laminated trike body and standard front & rear ground effects is a real eye catcher that blends wonderfully with the Gold Wing body style. The original Gold Wing mufflers exit behind the rear ground effects for a beautiful custom look. No extensions necessary. To top it all off we use custom Pacer Mag wheels with top of the line Michelin tires.

Prices and Specifications are Subject to Change without Notice.

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